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Paige Culver: 'Everyone can see the progress that we're making'

London City Lionesses defender Paige Culver is optimistic ahead of the Pride's clash with Sheffield United.

The Blades visit Princes Park on Sunday [31 March], with both teams hoping to extend their winning runs to a fourth game.

After training on Saturday, Culver answered questions about the squad's morale, the impact of Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah's late winner against Charlton Athletic, and the significance of finishing the fixture block on a high.

Paige Culver, London City Lionesses (Image: Simon Lapwood)
Paige Culver, London City Lionesses (Image: Simon Lapwood)

It's a big match against Sheffield United tomorrow, how are you feeling?

I think the team has gained some momentum, which is good for us. We're starting to get in the groove, so it's exciting to be back at home following a bunch of wins. We're looking forward to it. It's been a good week at the training ground, everyone can see the progress that we're making and we've all bought in on what Remi [Allen] is trying to do.

What is your perspective on last week's win over Charlton Athletic?

I never felt once that we were out of the game, even when they scored early. I always felt like we stayed in the game and worked collectively as a unit. It's always exciting to score late, so those goals and the win got the team pumped up and motivated. It felt good, for sure.

After losing to Sheffield United earlier in the season, how important is it to bounce back on home soil?

Regardless of who we're playing, every game is important because of the season we've had and we're fully focused on hopefully getting more points on the board. It's always exciting to be at home and we're looking forward to seeing everyone there.



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