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TITAN and LONDON CITY LIONESSES Form Data and Performance Partnership

A new partnership will see London City Lionesses add GPS sensors from TITAN Sports to gain performance insights.

TITAN Sports and the London City Lionesses announced today a partnership to promote the use of data driven technology in women’s football. This partnership demonstrates a commitment to usher a new generation of athletes and fans through technology and high-quality football.

The London City Lionesses is an independent women’s football club competing in The FA Women's Championship. With full-time professional athletes, the Lionesses are constantly seeking to understand how players are adapting to training and assessing the intensity of practices and games to mitigate injuries. TITAN GPS sensors track over 150 metrics with real-time data giving coaches and training staff performance data with unprecedented detail.

Commenting on the new partnership, London City Lionesses Head Coach Lisa Fallon said, "Performance analysis is a key component of how we prepare our team. The information that my performance staff and I obtain from TITAN GPS, is vital in how we schedule and monitor our training sessions. 

"The professionalism in women's football has accelerated significantly. Exactly the same levels of preparation and analysis that exist in men's professional football, apply in the women's game. 

"Our partnership with TITAN is very exciting and I'm really looking forward to developing our relationship further over the coming seasons."

The popularity of women’s football has grown considerably in recent years with record fan turnout as interest in the sport soars. Women’s football has been an important contributor to TITAN’s expanding presence in the UK and across the globe.

“The level of competitiveness and the need for data acquisition and analysis from women football clubs like the London City Lionesses is absolutely on par with their male counterparts,” explains Yves Smith COO and co-founder of TITAN Sports.“The London City Lionesses in particular have been forging their own path from a business and technological standpoint which is a testament to their vision and leadership. It is very exciting for us to be their providers of technology.”

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