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Remi Allen: 'It was an unbelievable moment'

Updated: Mar 30

Remi Allen didn’t know what to say to reporters after Lotta Lindström and Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah scored in the closing stages to fire London City Lionesses to a 2-1 win over Charlton Athletic on Sunday [24 March].

After the dust settled, this is what our head coach said.

Remi Allen, London City Lionesses (Image: Simon Lapwood)
Remi Allen, London City Lionesses (Image: Simon Lapwood)

Women’s Football Podcast: What are your thoughts after that last-gasp victory?

I don’t even know what to think, to be honest with you. I’m just really proud of the players for how they stuck with it throughout the ninety minutes. I believe we were the better side, but to have the perseverance and determination to stick with and grab two goals was brilliant.

Women’s Football Podcast: You shook your head after the second goal as if to say ‘how has that happened…’

Honestly, I thought we should probably slow the game down and that it’d have been brilliant to take a point in those circumstances. Next minute, we’re through on goal again and I’m wondering if Chan can take her shot a little bit quicker. It was an unbelievable moment.

Women’s Football Podcast: This win takes you six points clear of the relegation zone, how important is that for you?

That’s my job – to get us away from the relegation zone and to put us in a good place. There are three big games left to play and nothing is done yet. We’ll enjoy it today, but we have to be ready to rock on when we’re back in training on Tuesday.

Women’s Football Podcast: How have you found your rapid transition from playing to coaching?

It’s been madness, I haven’t even really had time to think about it. We’re working week to week with games throughout and I’ve loved it. Winning helps with that, though! 

Women’s Football Podcast: What have you imparted on the girls since coming in?

We’ve had a change of shape and mentality in terms of how we want to play. The biggest thing has been to stress that things aren’t going to be perfect, but I’ve tried to instil that mentality and confidence that we could deal with whatever comes at us. Fortunately for me, they’ve backed that completely and that’s why we won today.

Women’s Football Podcast: Have you spoken with Michele Kang?

I have, yes. She came into the training ground to meet everyone again and have a few conversations. She’s a really lovely woman, who is really positive. The things that are going to happen for the Club in the future are massive.

Women’s Football Podcast: What, if anything, did you change after falling behind?

Nothing, the game plan stayed the same the whole way. I felt that we were hurting them, but just lacked a little bit of quality in the final third. The delivery was unbelievable for the first goal and the second was a bit of individual brilliance. It was typical Chan to score in the most complicated way, but I thought she was brilliant all game.

Women’s Football Podcast: Does the breathing room you have now give you the chance to experiment for these final games?

Not right now, no. There are three games left and anything can still happen – our focus is to build on this mentality and to see where we are at the end of the season.

London City Lionesses: Grace Moloney might slip under the radar a little bit today, how did you rate her performance?

You look at all of the attacking players [after this kind of win], but if Grace doesn’t make those big saves in the second half, we don’t win the game. She was unbelievable. The best ‘keepers have that confidence because they’re able to stay switched on. She was brilliant when called upon.

London City Lionesses: That’s three wins in a row now, how much confidence does that give you entering the final stretch?

Besides from the first ten minutes, I felt that we dominated most of the first half. If we can do that against a team that is fighting for promotion, we should have every confidence that we can keep winning games.

We can beat anyone on our day, but that requires maximal effort, full concentration, and quality on the ball. That’s where we need to get to eventually, but I’m really happy with how the players have jumped on board to grind out these points.

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