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Nikita Runnacles: 'Wholehearted' performance the perfect way to finish the season

London City Lionesses interim head coach Nikita Runnacles spoke with reporters about a range of topics after Sunday's 9-0 win over Coventry United.

Here is every word she said about our record win, performance across the season, and plans for the future.

Nikita Runnacles, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)
Nikita Runnacles, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)

How highly do you rate today's performance?

“If there is a way you wanted to end the season, no matter the disappointment of where we’ve finished in the league, that was it. I’m really pleased with nine goals and a clean sheet.

And it was with a new goalkeeper starting...

“[Hermione Cull] has been with us for a year and had a really strong game when she stepped in against Birmingham City in the Continental Cup. She is really young goalkeeper with high potential. There is loads about her in terms of her shot-stopping and passing ability – which you saw with a pair of top quality saves in the first half.”

What was your message to the team this week?

“I liked how professional our performance was. Earlier this week, we spoke about how we wanted to have fun because so much can change in football over the summer. It’s really important that we worked together positively and that was a wholehearted performance from us.

What are your plans for the future?

“We already have our eye on next season. We’re fully prepared for the future because the Club has lots of exciting things on the horizon. We are all really excited for the next season ahead.

“It’s football – you never really know [who will be joining and leaving the Club]. There’s no hiding the fact that a head coach needs to be coming in as a minimum. Once that happens, the job becomes pairing their vision with that of the Club.

“I said from the beginning that [the new head coach] won’t be me. I like the goalkeeping side of it – the catching and kicking. I’ve enjoyed the three months in the role, but I think it’s really important that we get a head coach in who has experience at this level to take the team forward.”

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