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Nicole Douglas: 'We're excited to be in this last stretch of games'

London City Lionesses forward Nicole Douglas is excited to take on league-leading Sunderland this weekend.

The Englishwoman, speaking after training on Saturday [16 March], answered questions on the team's tactical shift under Remi Allen, playing alongside Paige Satchell, and her start to life with the Pride.

Here is every word she said.

You've been with us a couple of months now, how have you found the experience?

I've really enjoyed the experience and coming into the league in England, I think it's tested me as a player. We're excited to be in this last stretch of games and are all working hard to secure as many points as we can and build our position in the table.

There have been a lot of changes since you joined, what is it like to play under Remi?

I think she's a really good manager. She's come in and got straight to the point on things that we need to improve on. She also brings her playing experience, which makes her a really good fit for us.

The intensity of training has really increased since Remi came in, which has been great.

We're playing with two up-front now, do you enjoy that as a striker?

I do. I think I'm very versatile in the way that I can play, but I like playing as a two because I like playing off a partner, especially when we're playing narrower as opposed to really wide. I like the system.

Paige Satchell said that she liked playing alongside you, what is she like to play with?

I really like playing with Paige because she's a player who likes to run in behind, while I prefer to receive the ball to feet. She has a lot of pace to beat defenders in a foot race and I like that we're opposite players in that sense. I love it.

How do you feel heading into Sunday [17 March] against Sunderland?

I feel like we've prepared really well, we've had two weeks to get ready. It'd be massive for us to take three points from this game and we've prepared as much as we can with the new system and how we want to play.

Everyone has managed the change well, and some of us have played in a similar shape before, so that should help.



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