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London City Lionesses use analysis tool to revolutionize the women’s game

London City Lionesses have implemented video analysis tool, Coach Paint, as a fundamental asset to the club’s focus on professionalization within the women’s game.

In an interview with FC Business, Chairwoman Diane Culligan said, We are putting methods in place that allow the players to focus and concentrate on their football and to be as good as they possibly can be. A vital aspect of that is the players being full-time. Not only do we need the players in on a professional schedule, we need the infrastructure around them to encourage that development.”

Coach Paint is one of the tools that has become a vital element in this establishment of infrastructure to help professionalize the club. In short, Coach Paint is a highly developed telestration video tool that allows for virtual live analysis that is also equally used for pre- and post-match analysis.

Coach Paint has specific key programme features that should be highlighted such as the 3D Column Tool, 3D Pitch Calibration and Arrow tool and a Moveable Players Effect. These idiosyncratic tools allow for our coaching and analysis team to easily move players on the pitch through immersive video, specifically highlighting players to focus on and their specific movements. It also shows ball trajectory among many other features.

More specifically, after an unprecedented past year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Coach Paint allowed pre- and post-match preparation for games, as well as individual analysis to be done with ease.

London City Lionesses midfielder, Lucy Fitzgerald said, “A lot of the meetings have been via Zoom. In person, it’s easier for the coach to point out players physically, and show physically what’s actually happening in front of them. But I think the Coach Paint just allows the coach to point out the players they want to point out without actually being there in person.”

London City Lionesses striker, Atlanta Primus, also shared her thoughts on the benefits of Coach Paint particularly throughout COVID and said, “Obviously with COVID, we haven’t been able to meet in person as much, but this has been an interactive tool that we’ve been able to use that’s kept things as natural as possible.”

Coach Paint is an interactive and innovative tool that allows the opportunity for players to further their development within the game.

Fizgerald said, “For me, it allows me to see things that maybe I wouldn’t have seen if I had just been watching the video as whole.”

She continued, “Maybe I’m focusing on myself, but it highlights maybe someone else I need to be aware of, or something else that’s going on.”

The programme allows for the coaching staff and analysis team to get specific coaching and teaching points across effectively and diligently through video.

Primus said, “I think it’s been a great tool for us to prepare for games. But also, to show us some learning points and things and areas that we can grow in. I’m a bit of a visual learner, so it’s definitely a tool that has been really useful for me and my personal development, just seeing areas in which I can grow.”

She also spoke on the importance of how the programme aids in relationships with teammates and how players can perform better together.

And then being able to use that with teammates as well,” she continued. “So being able to be interactive with them and really engage in finding ways that we can improve relationships. You know, like one or two people, but then overall like you said as a team. I do think it’s been useful for all us to be able to use it and different ways in which we can develop.”

What also distinguishes the video analysis programme is how it’s adaptable according to the user. The profile set up for the London City Lionesses is specifically catered towards the club’s preferences and style in terms of the format that best fits the coaching and analysis team for coaching both individual players, groups of players and the team as a whole.

The club continues to push to be at the highest level possible, focusing on professionalizing the women’s game within the club and creating an environment that exploits cutting edge technology to develop individual players, but also engaging and exciting and promotes the team acting as one.

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