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London City Lionesses Targeting 3 Point From Blackburn Clash

London City Lionesses are back at Princes Park this Sunday, coming up against Blackburn. The Lionesses will be hoping to extend their unbeaten run into 4 games and secure a win and three points.

When the two sides met earlier in the season, Blackburn won the game 1-0 but they come into this game on the back of a home defeat to Leicester.

Speaking to Lionesses Head Coach Mel Phillips ahead of the game against Blackburn, she said “We are expecting another tough battle against them. I think that they have been playing with a bit of belief, obviously, they've chipped away and gotten a few results along the way."

“That's really helped them grow in confidence, you can see it in the way that they're playing against top teams in the League."

“We all really want that game back from earlier in the year, I think again we knocked on the door right, left, and centre and they made it really difficult on us after they drew a penalty, they just kind of sat in and protected the frame of their goal."

“It'll be anybody's game on Sunday and it's always going to be the group who has the will and the desire to win it”.

After three 0-0 draws in a row, Philips commented on how the Lionesses plan to start scoring again against Blackburn “We will look at a couple of different things and really just continue to refine some of our final movements.

“In the Sheffield and the Palace game we knocked on the frame of the goal, as well as off the crossbar and we made the keepers make big saves. We're creating a lot of quality opportunities, it's just that final piece."

“We’ll look to challenge ourselves as we do day in, day out in training and we're all really eager to get a result under our belt.”

Lionesses co-captain Ellie Mason is returning after being side-lined with an injury early on in the season. She said “I'm coming back from my injury now which is good. I’m doing my own little training sessions on the side and hopefully will be back in training with the team soon, so it's looking positive”.

Speaking on the Lionesses’ hard work ethic and responsibility of everyone knowing their individual roles within the squad, Mason commented “Everyone is working super hard in training and everyone's making sure they know what their role is in the game or on the bench. Everyone owns their role, so then we are positive in the game and that takes us forward”.

You can follow the build-up to Sunday’s game at 2pm with the live match updates via the London City Lionesses Twitter feed.

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