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Lois Joel: 'One win can really change the mood of the camp'

Lois Joel has lifted the lid on a busy week at K Sports, answering questions on London City Lionesses' start to life under head coach Remi Allen, the team's change in system, and her international debut.

Here is everything our skipper said on Saturday [9 March].

Lois Joel, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)
Lois Joel, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)

So, talk us through this week at training, how has it been under Remi?

Yeah, it's been really good. Obviously, we've had a lot of change this year and Remi has come in to steady the ship and give us clear but simple things for us to work on, building on what we were doing under Luke [Thomas-Arayo] and Smudge [Darren Smith].

We didn't speak after the Reading win, how much has that boosted the team in terms of confidence?

It's massive. Sometimes it's hard when you're battling at the bottom of the table, but one win can really change the mood of the camp and give the team a lot of confidence. I think it was one of the best games we've played this year. It wasn't just the score line, everyone played really well and [it was] in a new system as well.

You mentioned the new system, how are you finding it in the new shape?

For me, it's good because we have another body in the midfield, which is handy! Like I said, Remi has been giving us really clear and concise instructions in and out of possession, so we know what we're looking for and that's made it easier to adapt.

Looking ahead to next weekend, we've got a tough game against Sunderland. Why have they been so successful this season?

They've been great this season, you can see that from where they are in the table. They're really organised and a bit of an underdog who people didn't necessarily expect [to contend for the title]. They work really hard for each other and always put a shift in. It should be a really good match up.

Are you looking forward to getting back to Princes Park next weekend?

Of course, we're really looking forward to being back with the fans. Hopefully, we can get three points because it's been a while [since our last home win]. With our win at Reading, hopefully we can push on and give the fans what they want.

Last question, it's been a big month for you personally, how has it been with the international call-up?

It's a super proud moment for my family and me, it's only really starting to sink in now. It's been such a busy few weeks, so it's nice to come back, be around everyone, and win. It's been a great experience for me.



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