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Lily’s Agg’s Injury: Her ‘Biggest Career Test So Far’

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Lily Agg has been playing football almost her entire life. Playing for such a long time, the experience of having a significant number of ups and downs, career highs and lows, as well as the feeling of winning and the feeling of defeat are a standard part of the athlete’s life. However, despite injuries being almost inevitable playing at such a high level, for many elite athletes, and Agg is no exception, she says, “it’s been the biggest test of my career so far.”

The talented 26-year-old from Brighton experienced a depressed fracture just as London City Lionesses season had begun. “Having been used to go to training everyday and just be in the gym makes it a lonely place,” said Agg.

Agg came into pre-season motivated, fit and sharp ready to take on the season ahead and then, a pre-season friendly and – she got injured. Agg has now been out of playing for six months now and it’s been a long rehabilitation process.

In an article written by Margot Putukian from the British Journal of Sports Medicine she states, “Injury is a stressor that has both physical as well as psychological responses.”

While many players during their careers experience season-ending injuries, there is the always the expectation of recovery on the physical level. However, less focused upon and perhaps understood, a season-ending injury also takes a toll and may even represent a great need for mental recovery for athletes.

Ali Monajati, Head of Performance at London City Lionesses said, “Lily is at the last stage of her rehabilitation plan and we are hoping she joins training in a few weeks. The main focus of her program at the moment is to increase the lower body strength and aerobic fitness.”

But in looking optimistic for the future, Agg will be ready when the day comes for her to return to the pitch. “I hope to be in a happier place mentally and then I will work hard every day to be back at the level I know I can play at. Hopefully playing week in and week out will enable me to get my full fitness back and then help the team,” said Agg.

Agg started out playing for Brighton before moving to Arsenal Academy at the age of 16. She’s played throughout the United Kingdom for the likes of Bristol and Millwall but also had international experience living in Germany playing for FFC Frankfurt. The midfielder played for Charlton last season before signing to London City Lionesses for the inaugural 2019-2020 season.

For now, Agg says she will just continue to “take things day by day.”

“She has a very strong mentality and [is] working very hard to get back to full fitness. It was a big loss for us not having her in the squad during the last few months, but now everyone at the club is looking forward for her to return to play,” said Ali.

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