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Getting to know... Shanade Hopcroft

Our second signing of the winter window, Shanade Hopcroft, is set to make quite the impact here at Princes Park! Read on to get the low-down on the newest member of the Pride!

How does it feel to have signed for the London City Lionesses?

It feels great and I'm really, really excited to get going. Right now it’s all excitement at the moment, and I just can’t wait to pull on a London City shirt for the very first time!

What can fans expect to see from you out on the pitch?

They can expect to see me give my all and try my best for every single game and in every training session. I'll always give my all when trying to help my team succeed in any area, no matter the environment.

What goals do you have for your time with the Lionesses?

Professionally, I just want to help the club achieve its goals and get promotion, in any way that I can. And personally, I just want to become a better player I think, and always try my best for the team, and in doing that, it will help us all succeed.

How do you relax away from football?

Whilst Netflix does play a big role, it's spending time with family that really helps me unwind. I've got a big family, so I'm always around them, going to my brothers or sisters houses and seeing my nieces and nephews. So yeah, just being around them is relaxing for me. And finally, I also love a good cup of tea!

Who was your football idol growing up?

I loved Ronaldinho. It was just his style, he's just amazing to watch. Even now I still watch videos of his time with Barcelona, and they’re just incredible.

What are you excited to do in London?

Well, Aylesbury, where I grew up, isn’t too far from the capital, So I've seen a bit of it already, but I'm glad that I get to stay around it because it's like starting back at home, even though it's still a little bit away from where I live. But at the same time it's close enough for me to feel like home.

Remember City fans, you can book tickets for the rest of our home games this season! Click the link to avoid missing Shanade in action!

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