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Every word Nikita Runnacles and Lily Agg said before Bristol City trip

Lily Agg & Nikita Runnacles, London City Lionesses (Image: thoughtsofawing)
Lily Agg & Nikita Runnacles, London City Lionesses (Image: thoughtsofawing)

Shortly before they departed Princes Park for Bristol City, interim head coach Nikita Runnacles and midfielder Lily Agg spoke with reporters.

Here is every word they said ahead of a crucial meeting with the Robins.

Interim Head Coach, Nikita Runnacles:

When asked about the importance of tonight’s match, Runnacles said:

“Every game between now and the end of the season is going to be important. We’ve passed the halfway mark and are sitting in a position we want to uphold, so every game will be a big occasion. Our trip to Bristol City will be exciting: we don’t have many games under the lights in this league, so that adds to it.

“It’s obviously a place we’ve already travelled to, but this time we’re confident that the game is going to take place and we can play some football.”

When asked about finding the right balance between attack and defence, she replied:

"It’s about the trust in the players, knowing they are prepared to express themselves at the right times, while also keeping the mindset of remaining defensively strong. We pride ourselves on keeping as many clean sheets as we can and that will remain a focus throughout this season.

"The players are prepared and know how to approach this game: now, it’s the time to execute the plan."

When asked about how tonight’s fixture could affect the rest of the season, the former goalkeeper said:

“This game doesn’t define the outcome of the season for either club. It’s just about completing the match, putting everything we can into it, and looking ahead to the next game. The players are ready to go and we are looking forward to what should be a great game against Bristol City."

When asked about the potential impact of forward Shania Hayles, Runnacles answered:

"Every team that is pushing for promotion needs a player who can score goals, so it’s no surprise that she is firing them in the back of the net. As I said, it’s important that we pride ourselves on getting a clean sheet from these games. It’s not just about our backline, it’s about how we defend across the pitch and control the game when we’re in possession."

When asked to preview the Robins, she added:

"We’re looking forward to a really exciting game that places the Women’s Championship in a really positive light. We’re both striving towards the same goal and they have a game-in-hand. It’s all really exciting.

"However, the league is not won and lost tonight. There’s still plenty of work to do, but we’re really looking forward to finally playing against Bristol City after two cancellations earlier this year. "

Midfielder, Lily Agg:

Lily Agg, London City Lionesses (Image: thoughtsofawing)
Lily Agg, London City Lionesses (Image: thoughtsofawing)

When asked to sum up her emotions after making her 50th appearance for the Club, Agg said:

"I'm really delighted to hit the 50-appearance mark. Having been here for such a long time, this has been the most exciting season for London City, I'm really enjoying my football at the moment, and we're in a good position in the league.

"Like I said, 50 appearances is brilliant but we want to make this a memorable year for the Club."

When asked to summarise the Club's growth, the Republic of Ireland international replied:

"Day-one was very exciting, but -- if I look at where we are now -- it's a much more exciting project and that's because of all of the hard work from everyone behind the scenes. I've been lucky enough to see the progression year-in, year-out and it's amazing to be part of a journey where you improve as a player and the Club grows at the same time.

"I've been really lucky to be at this Club for four years and I've enjoyed the process that's taken us to where we are now."

When asked about competition for places in midfield, she added:

"The midfield is super competitive, we've got competition for places throughout the team and I think that's why we are where we are. We all thrive off that and we all want the same thing at the end of every game: three points.

"Whether I'm on the bench for that or don't get a minute, I don't really mind as long as we get the points. Obviously it's much more enjoyable when you're on the pitch, everyone knows that, but that's football and the three points are all that matter. I think that will continue throughout the season."



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