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Connie Scofield: 'We're so happy to have our first win together'

Connie Scofield was a standout performer as London City Lionesses scooped a 3-2 victory on Sunday [3 September].

The Englishwoman covered every blade of grass in an all-action display that saw her score London City's first-half equaliser.

Shortly after full-time, Scofield spoke with reporters at Princes Park.

Connie Scofield, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)
Connie Scofield, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)

Well played, can you sum up the match for us?

It was obviously a tough one, but we're so happy to get the three points. I was actually speaking with the chair Diane [Culligan] and I said that it was really important for us to come from behind because it proves that we can handle those situations.

We didn't let our heads drop, continued to play aggressively, and were rewarded in the end.

The team really seemed to spark into life after Watford scored...

Absolutely, I think we all mucked in together to get a goal back and keep the ball from then on. We were definitely under pressure in the second half, but we really put our bodies on the line and G[race Moloney] made some big saves to make sure we took the win.

Watford are a newly-promoted side, does that performance show how competitive the league will be this season?

I thought Watford were really good. They created a lot of chances, were good on the ball, and played out of the back. They were a strong opponent.

Are you looking forward to playing Reading next?

As I said, every match is going to be competitive in this league. It's about working hard and recovering through the week so that we're ready to go again.

If you could nominate someone from your team for Player of the Match, who would it be?

Can I pick two?

Danielle Carter, I thought she played really well and was excellent at holding the ball up for us. Grace Moloney was also great in goal, she made some great saves in big moments for us and is a really good communicator.


Reading, who are also undefeated to start the season, are next in line to visit Princes Park, with our match against the Royals scheduled for 14:00 on Sunday, 10 September.

Don't miss out, secure your spot at Princes Park today, with tickets available from £7.

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