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Carolina Morace: 'I'm very happy that our players committed to the game'

London City Lionesses swept Billericay Town aside in the Adobe Women's FA Cup, winning 6-0 at Princes Park on Sunday [10 December].

After the match, Carolina Morace spoke with reporters, discussing her side's performance. This is every word she said.

To win 6-0 in your first Women's FA Cup match as a head coach, you must be pleased?

Yes, we are happy with the result. I think that the most important thing for us today was that we couldn’t approach the game with arrogance. I’m very happy that our players committed to the match in a positive way, although maybe we should have scored more goals.

Danielle Carter scored twice this afternoon, what did you make of her performance?

It is important for the forward to score and she’s always a big player for us because she provides the assist if she doesn’t score. I’m happy because she scored and the first one was a very good goal, she took it very well.

It was an important afternoon for Leanne Cowan, who made her first start in almost two years. Are you happy with her display?

She understood absolutely the positions that I wanted from her in ball possession and non-ball possession. Leanne is a player who can provide at a high level for us: she doesn’t make many mistakes, which is an important attribute for a player in her role.

You often talk about Niamh Farrelly's personality, she was excellent today...

She did well and I am particularly happy because she scored. Niamh has this personality where she is very aggressive and really wants to win. I like her because she leaves nothing for the opponent and never gives up. I know that she can play in many positions, including in midfield, and it is good for me to have this flexibility.

Hermione Cull started for the first time this season, how do you rate her performance?

Absolutely. We see ‘H’ in every training session and we know that she is good. She really deserves to play in this scenario and hse was good today. She is talented with the ball and in the net. She knew perfectly what she has to do.

Grace Jarrett and Olivia Fraser, two academy prospects, played today, are you happy with their progress?

It’s important for us to follow up with them, the only problem is that they are not always available to train with us and there is a difference between our league and their league.

For Olivia, we can see that she’s growing in the right direction. I am very happy with Grace because we saw her in training sessions and she is very mature. She has a lot of confidence and passes the ball impressively today.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think that everyone performed well. Lois, our captain, made an amazing shot in the first-half, which she deserved to score. Connie [Scofield], Dan [Carter], and Ruesha [Littlejohn] always play with some physical problem, but they have the personality to play despite not being at one hundred percent – this is also very important for us.

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