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Carly Girasoli: 'I'm really happy to be back on the pitch'

London City Lionesses defender Carly Girasoli endured a difficult start to the calendar year, with the knee injury she sustained versus Crystal Palace keeping her out of action for ten weeks.

While the Lionesses didn't achieve the result they were looking for on Sunday [26 March] against Durham, the 20-year-old's return to the pitch was a moment to celebrate.

In the Club's latest press conference, the Scottish ball-winner spoke about a range of topics with reporters.

Carly Girasoli, Defender

How pleased are you to be back on the pitch and be in a position to help the team again?

I’m obviously really happy to get back on the pitch because it’s been a long few months. I’m just happy to be back out there and helping the team in a really important part of the season.

What was on your mind before you came into the match against Durham?

I don’t even know; I wasn’t really thinking about it. Keats [Nikita Runnacles] obviously gave the team talk and I knew that I would be coming on. As soon as I stepped onto the pitch, my nerves just went away.

I wanted to ask you about Sarah Ewens, who just earned a spot in Scotland’s national team. How pleased are you for her to finally get the call?

We’re all so happy for Sarah! She’s been working really hard and it’s amazing for her to be selected. She’s obviously our top scorer, so it’s really good that she’s being recognised. She’s so important to the team and has scored a lot of very important goals for us this year.

You represented Scotland as a youth international. Does seeing your teammates enter the national team give you confidence that you are in the right place to earn that kind of recognition?

I’m definitely confident that I’m in the right place to hopefully be noticed. Playing for Scotland is one of my dreams, so to know it’s possible is a big boost. I’m just going to work hard and hopefully it will come one day.

Finally, you face Charlton at the weekend – what do you expect from them?

It’s going to be tough because Charlton are a very strong side. But I believe in us and our ability to put things right this weekend.



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