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Amy Rodgers: 'We're a very driven squad and we know what we want to achieve'

Amy Rodgers, London City Lionesses
Amy Rodgers, London City Lionesses

London City vice-captain Amy Rodgers spoke with reporters on Thursday [2 March], as the Lionesses prepare for the visit of Sheffield United.

Here is every word the positionally versatile 22-year-old said:

Amy Rodgers, Vice-Captain

You’ve never missed a league game with London City, what’s the secret behind that?

As I’ve developed, I’ve learned more about my body, how it works, and when I need to take a step back in training. The medical staff have been great with me in terms of making sure I’m ready to play and being proactive with any issues. I think that’s the key to any injury. It’s about being proactive and working hard on post-game recovery.

What was it like to score at Bramall Lane, with an 11,000-crowd in attendance?

Playing in front of so many fans was great. We’d heard rumours throughout the week about how many tickets they had sold, which was really exciting. It was great to score the first goal – obviously, the home fans weren’t too happy about it, but we loved it.

Can you talk us through the goal you scored that day?

Honestly, there was a pass on to Jamie[-Lee Napier] and I would’ve been annoyed that I didn’t pass if I hadn’t scored! It was purely on instinct, it was the first few minutes of the match, and I was just trying to press and win the ball back. When I did, I just hit it straight away – that’s all that I was really thinking about.

If I hadn’t scored, I definitely should have passed to Jamie, so I’m really glad it went in and put a positive stamp on the game for us.

What are you expecting from Sheffield United this weekend?

They have a very dangerous front line: Georgia Walters and Courtney Sweetman-Kirk score goals, so we have to be prepared for that. Sheffield United are a great team when they show up and we’re expecting a good battle. We’re expecting a tough game, but we can hopefully come away with the three points.

Bristol City won [on Wednesday], your thoughts?

We’re a very driven squad and we know what we want to achieve. We’re just taking it one game at a time and focussing only on what we can control. We can’t impact whether Bristol City pick up points or not [against Lewes], so we’re focussed on Sheffield United. We’re as motivated as ever and know that the league is won game-by-game.

You’ve dropped into the defence since Carly Girasoli’s injury, how have you found it?

It’s different, I had only played there once before December. It’s obviously a different challenge for me, which I’m enjoying. There are very different responsibilities for a defender and a midfielder, but I’m enjoying trying new things on the pitch. Harley [Bennett] and Hayley [Nolan] have been great next to me, especially in those first few games when I was like ‘guys, I’m still learning on the job!’

It’s been good – I’ll do anything I can to help the team win.

How has it been at training now that London City’s internationals are back?

It was a bit quiet, with a very of our big personalities away. It’s great to have them back and have more numbers in training so we can do more game-realistic scenarios. We’ve had a great time while they were away, with some fun sessions and hard.

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