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Sponsorship FAQs


The Player Sponsorship Packages include tickets. Games are behind closed doors so what happens?

We miss having our fans at matches and hope that we will be able to welcome you back soon. In the meantime, we are finding different ways to recognise and provide value to sponsors to replace the missed opportunity to use their season tickets.

  • Firstly, we will now be name checking player sponsors across our social media channels when players feature in our posts. 

  • Secondly we have created a new player sponsor section on our website, providing a short paragraph about each sponsor and if they wish, a link to their website or social media accounts.

  • Thirdly we will discuss with each sponsor individually to see what will work for them. For example, offering a programme advert for a London package holder or perhaps organising an invitational Q & A session with the players towards the end of the season.


Can more than one organisation sponsor a player?

Yes, however we will avoid two organisations offering similar goods or service supporting the same player.


Do you provide business category exclusivity with sponsorship packages?

Not for player sponsorship, coaching staff match day or ball sponsorship however we would do this for official partners and suppliers.


It’s part way through a Season can I still sponsor a player?



If I sponsor a player after the start of the season is the fee reduced?

We offer a 40% discount if you sponsor a player after 10 league matches have been played.


As a current player sponsor do I get first refusal for next season?

Yes, and we will contact you to discuss towards the end of the season.


Can I sponsor more than one player?


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