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Carolina Morace: 'We are building the team to play with ball possession'

London City Lionesses were denied a hard-fought win at Princes Park on Sunday [10 September], with Reading netting a late equaliser at Princes Park.

Shortly after the final whistle, Carolina Morace shared her thoughts on the match with pitchside reporters.

Carolina Morace, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)
Carolina Morace, London City Lionesses (Image: Wing Chong)

It's always painful to concede in injury time, what are your thoughts on the game?

We played a very good match, in my opinion, we were dominant for most of the game. It's painful to concede the goal in added time when we feel there was an offside for their No. 15 [Brooke Hendrix] because our centre-back made a completely different movement to cover her run.

I don't like that, I didn't have any complaints after we drew our first game and I said that we were lucky, but today I feel that the referee has impacted the game.

What positives do you take away from the game?

Everything was positive because we kept ball possession, broke through their press, and attacked with our full-backs. Sometimes we lost our confidence when we played longer balls, which we will work on.

I want us to keep the ball because when we have possession we are attacking and stopping our opponent from attacking at the same time. We are building this team to play with ball possession and that is how we will move forward.

Lucy Fitzgerald and Paige Satchell stood out to me today, what did you make of their performances?

Lucy likes to run, a lot like Connie [Scofield]. Her fitness is a really important part of her game because she made good attacking and defensive runs at the right time in the game.

I think it was a positive game for Paige [and] we have to consider that she just came from New Zealand and would never have had 90 minutes in her legs today.

I am also lucky because we saw Tinaya [Alexander] play her best match, in my opinion. She was confident with the ball and could make moves around her opponents, which is exactly what I want from her.


Carolina Morace's side return to Princes Park on Sunday 1 October, with Charlton Athletic visiting in the Barclays Women's Championship. With tickets selling quickly, secure your spot at Princes Park today.

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