Mick Strain

Head Goalkeeper Coach

UEFA B Licence GK Coach

Birthday: June

Location of Home Town: Orpington


Joined the club: 2019

Achievements: Currently having 3 professional contracted GK’s that I coached from very young age, setting up and running Keepersball GK coaching, winning FA Conference College League with Bromley FC.

Advice from Mick
Natural talent and ability is important of course, but for me ATTITUDE is by far the most important thing, in training and everything they do, this will transfer through to their match performance and take them through to their potential.

                                                                                A lifetime in football, playing/coaching, also participated and competed in marathon, triathlon and                                                                                           strongman. I have been lucky to work with some outstanding coaches in these fields that have helped                                                                                     me develop along the way, giving me a wide range of coaching techniques. My absolute pleasure to work full time in football and develop fantastic gks and work with great coaching teams. Previous Clubs include, CAFC, CPFC, BHAFC, BromleyFC, FFC, Real fc.

Amazing first season, in an incredibly difficult year, to finish 4th and work with an amazing coaching team and fantastic talented players. Absolute pleasure to work for London City Lionesses and can’t wait to help this club to the next level.. 2020/21 bring it on!!


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