Cori Daniels

1st Team Assistant Coach

Star sign: Gemini

Location of Home Town: Ramsgate

Joined the club: January 2021

Achievements: Winning the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League as a player

"I felt that my playing career had come to an end and my legs wouldn't carry me anymore!!! I still wanted to learn and had a keen interest in football, it was all I knew and all I had been around from a very young age."


"I was inspired by many of the coaching teams around me so I started working on my coaching qualifications. I wanted to put back into grass roots football as this had been fundamental for my success so this is where I started, and opportunities grew from there."

"The culture at LCL is empowering. We are a hard working, ambitious team that are striving to be the top of our game, for both ourselves and our players. We are continuously analysing ourselves and our game to ensure we are enabling the players to develop to their highest potential within the professional game."

Advice from Cori
Grasp every opportunity with both hands. Always be the hardest working player in every session and game, absorb every ounce of information you can. Treat everyday as if it was a champions league final. Attitude is everything.
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